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Copper Foil Rolling Mill

Copper Cold and Foil Rolling Mill

UCM-Mill and X-Mill Technology for thinner foil rolling.

For copper cold and foil rolling, several types of mill is selected according to the aiming rolling process, thickness and materials. Our typical mill type is UCM-Mill, which is suitable mill type for thin gauge rolling. X-Mill technology is our another typical type of mill for thin copper and copper alloy foil rolling. 4Hi, 6Hi, 12Hi CR mill and 20Hi ZR cluster mill are also applied for cold rolling mill which we can supply in the production process of copper and copper alloy material.



The UCM-Mill for copper and copper alloy is featured by Small WR combined with shape control functions consisted of WR bender, IMR bender, IMR shift with all straight roll application and spot cooling system.  Rolling of hard and thin material with excellent shape control is realised by the UCM-Mill. Further more, equipped with a cobble guard and air wiping system at mill exit side, good wiping ability can be achieved at high speed rolling.  


Fig.1- UCM-Miill  |  Fig.2- Copper product  |  Fig-3 UCM-Mill (Front)


The X-Mill with intelligent shape control using Sheetflat is designed for ultra-thin strip/foil rolling. The rolls are arranged in an X configuration in which a pair of parallel back-up rolls support the small diameter work roll to prevent horizontal deflection. This enables stable and reliable thin-gauge rolling to be performed.


Fig.3- X-Mill (Tension Reel)  |  Fig.4- X-Mill (Front View)


  • Compact and simple mill arrangement
  • Optimized mill size and layout
  • Stable rolling
  • Automatic mill set-up
  • High speed rolling
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quality product


  • Optimum integrated control
  • Automatic flatness control
  • Automatic gauge control
  • Optimum integrated control system
  • Optimum roll size and motor power
  • Quick hose connection for roll changes 

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High-productivity copper cold rolling mill 

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Reversing Cold Mill featuring UCM-Mill
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