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Endless Rolling

Endless Rolling

The cutting-edge technologies and processes for efficient rolling of long products.

From the Winlink direct rolling to the ​ERT-EBROS billet welding, the processes and technologies for endless rolling of long products can play an important role in minimizing the consumption of energy, improving product consistency, and maximizing yield.


Primetals Technologies has installed or upgraded more than 1,000 rolling mills on six continents. These mills have set worldwide benchmarks for technological leadership, reliability and performance.

ERT-EBROS - Billet Welder

(EBROS is a registered trademark of JP Steel Plantech Company)

Billet welding can provide several advantages, as improvement of the metallic yield, increase of  mill utilization factor and flexibility of selection of the coil or bundle weight. But the full exploitation of these benefits can only be obtained with an equipment design which offers a clean operation and small maintenance requirements, to so minimize the stops. The ERT–EBROS by Primetals is the most advanced billet welding technology in the market, conceived for consistent quality operation with low-maintenance requirements. Its innovative design and optimized automation offer a clean operation, and allow welding to run with no interruption over multiple production shifts.


  • Flexibility of weight selection of coil or bundle
  • Fast return of the investment
  • Increase of productivity
  • Consistency of product quality
  • Dynamic Flash Control for highly efficient and quick welding
  • No specific requirement for billet preparation
  • Self-cleaning Active Spatter Protection, for protection of the mechanical and electrical components
  • Advanced burr cutting after welding


Fig.1- ERT-EBROS system in operation  |  Fig.2- Manufacturing of ERT-EBROS unit  |  Fig.3- Billet ends welded with ERT-EBROS


WinLink is the innovative technology for endless or semi-endless direct-rolling of long products from liquid steel without interruption. To ensure the reduction of the final product cost, high-level technological solutions are combined in a unique compact installation. Follow this link to learn more about Winlink.


Technology based on proven standardized electrical & automation products and solutions to optimize your long production: wires, rods, bars, sections, heavy sections, rails, and also non-ferrous applications - always state-of-the-art. Our portfolio comprises a long tradition and technological experience in production process, automation, electrical engineering and project management for your medium and heavy section mill, bar mill, wire rod mill, rail mill and copper mill.

Primetals Technologies has the answer to your complex and diverse market requirements, and needs to react to diverse requirements – from the smallest upgrade solution to the highest technical demands for high-speed and special steel grade production.
With our Standard Long Rolling concept, our world-class electrical equipment, and our process and design tools, we set benchmarks for the long rolling market. We offer worldwide proven and extensively preconfigured solutions including modular standard packages as well as global and intelligent service concepts with regional support for the whole life-cycle. Additional packages can be designed customer and project specific and phased in.
We keep you updated about your plant and the production by high quality material handling, plant data acquisition and reporting systems.

Long Rolling Process Expert - Transparency for your entire production process

Our modular extendable expert system provides:

  • Material tracking from billet yard thru furnace via mill to product handling and product yard
  • Powerful pass scheduling and pass schedule calculation
  • Integrated roll shop module
  • Definition of production standards and online comparison of production against defined standards
  • Seamless acquisition of process relevant data (KPIs) and analyze to optimize your product and your production process
  • Comfortable and ergonomic HMI as well as flexible reporting system for plant operators, maintenance personnel, roll shop and plant management
  • Integrated process automation functionality
  • Interfaces to ERP, steel plant, melt shop, laboratory, etc

 Integrated Plants & Solutions

Integrated Plants & Solutions for endless rolling - Experience that Matters

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Reference Story

Endless Rolling with High Quality

Shandong Laigang Yongfeng Steel Corp., Qihe, P.R.O.C.

Type of plant
A new ERT-EBROS billet welding system for the existing bar mill

Technical data
1.2 million tons per year of rebars, processing square billets with 150 mm side

Our solution
ERT-EBROS welds together billets, thus enabling an endless rolling process with a consistently high product quality

The result
Up to 3-6% boost in plant output and utilization levels, for an investment payback time of 18 months uses cookies. By using our website you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. More info