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In-house Test Facilities

In-house Test Facilities

Proven Expertise

We build on reliable quality. Therefore, Primetals Technologies uses in-house test facilities for all steelmaking processes – including smelting, hot and cold rolling, as well as surface treatment. Our test system is able to meet a broad spectrum of needs and guarantees best quality at all times.

Tried, tested and true

Global R&D testing and optimization facilities of Primetals Technologies and its cooperation partners

As a world-leading engineering and plant-building enterprise for the metals industry, primetals technologies places the highest priority on ensuring that all supplied plants, equipment and technology are fully proven and meet contract specifications and project requirements. To this end, the company – together with its cooperation partners – has at its disposal some 60 well-equipped testing and optimization facilities located at 23 sites worldwide. All steps of the iron and steel production route as well as nonferrous technologies are covered 



  • Biofermentation lab
  • Hydraulic Automatic Gauge Control (HAGC) testing stand
  • Testing facility for Morgoil oil-film bearings


  • Twin-roll casting of aluminum with experimental rolling mill
  • Mill instrumentation test laboratory, including width-gauge camera calibration, rolling process optical simulator, electrostatic oiler-blade test facility, dynamic Air Bearing Shape Meter (ABSM) test rig and spray-valve test facility
  • Test rig and demonstrator for Transformation Monitor system
  • Long products and plate-rolling testing facility (including own hot-rolling mill loaned to Tata Steel Research)
  • Light metals forming facilities (rolling mills, materials characterization) with university partners
  • Metal-forming facilities and high-temperature materials testing with renowned research and technology organization partners
  • High-temperature facility for materials processing and chemical analyses

 ​​3. FRANCE

  • Flexible cold rolling and strip-leveling/skin-passing testing line facility
  • Surface-inspection laboratory
  • HAGC testing rigs (with capacity up to 5,000 t/capsule


  • Electrics and automation integration tests
  • Briquetting testing facility
  • Test system for automated hydraulic coupling
  • Sinamics test system for standard lances
  • Laser test system for profile detection
  • Lifting simulations for RH degassing plants
  • Hybrid Flotation


  • Rail-hardening test facility


  • Hybrid Flotation Technology tests
  • Coal briquetting test facilities
  • Agglomeration pot tests
  • Iron ore reduction investigations
  • Coal testing for Corex and Finex plants
  • Blast furnace dry-slag granulation investigations (lab scale and pilot plant)
  • Lime solubility tests
  • Plant vibration simulations
  • Dry dedusting pilot plant (Mercon)
  • Cooling-nozzle test stand
  • Laminar cooling testing equipment
  • Anti-chatter test stand
  • Annealing line testing facility
  • Mechatronic facilities (robotics, noncontact measurements, condition monitoring, diagnostic techniques, inspection systems, inline measurement tools, etc.)
  • Electric automation integration testing


  • HAGC test facility


  • Caster roller testing shop
  • HAGC test facility

 ​9. JAPAN

  • Strip-casting pilot plant
  • Hot-rolling mill facility
  • Hyper Universal Crown Control Mill (Hyper UCM)
  • Processing line testing facility
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