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Water Treatment

Customized and efficient water recycling
systems - a single source solution

Ecologically compatible and cost-effective water management systems need the support and services of an experienced partner to meet present and future demands. Different regional requirements with respect to legislation and climate must also be taken into consideration to ensure the perfect integration of water management solutions in all production processes of a steelworks.

Customized and optimized recycling solutions are provided on the basis of our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the integration of water management systems in production processes. This is backed by our broad knowledge of regional environmental legislation and climatic requirements. Customers benefit from our wide-ranging consulting expertise, modernization measures and automation solutions throughout the entire life cycle of metallurgical plants.

 Water Management


In the modern metallurgical industry, efficient water management is not only a means to an end, but a guarantee for economic and ecological process flows. Perfect integration into the entire system is vital to ensure competitiveness in the future. The implementation is always adapted to local legal requirements, environmental protection conditions and customer standards.

Essentially, there are three basic factors crucial for ensuring efficient water management:

  • Makeup water quality
  • Climatic conditions
  • Legal regulations

These are partially determined by varying regional conditions. Thanks to our many years of experience in the various regions of the world and our comprehensive process knowledge in plant construction, we’re able to professionally incorporate these localized, varying factors into the plant design.

Main Benefits:

  • All systems are optimally integrated into the production plants
  • Single-source responsibility is ensured for the entire metallurgical process
  • Compliance with all environment-relevant requirements is guaranteed
  • A total solution provider as well as a supplier of individual products and components meets all of your requirements


Fig.1- Water management  |  Fig.2- Raw water management

 Utility System


Utility systems are one of the core competencies. Various gases need to be professionally handled within the metallurgical processes of a plant. Therefore, we provide our customers with tailor-made utility systems that cover the management of combustible as well as noncombustible gases. These systems consist of reduction and/or storage stations, as well as specially adapted distribution systems both inside and outside of the metallurgical plant.
Not only do gases play a major role in the metallurgical processes of a plant; both hot water and steam also require much attention. As a result, we also deal with the generation of hot water and steam, as well as the distribution and supply of these media according to the demands of the plant.
The high energy-saving potential of utility systems in general has to be tapped into. Water or gas output, partially considered as waste products, can be managed in such a way that they can serve as optimal input for other processes within the metallurgical plant. Thus, we also focus on energy optimization of utility systems. When it comes to layout and design we work in accordance with both international and local standards.

Fig.1- Backwash water clarifier  |  Fig.2- Raw water treatment  |  Fig.3- Longitudinal clarifier

 Piping Standardization


Various departments and engineering partners have to be coordinated when engineering the piping for a plant. At the same time, large amounts of data have to be processed. This requires standardization and deployment of computing systems in the field of piping engineering. The piping standardization encompasses the following:

  • Basic pipe specifications
  • Detail pipe specifications
  • Valve specifications
  • Branch tables
  • Component standards for piping material including primary supports
  • Order specification for all standard piping material and valves

The standards are maintained in accordance with DIN/EN, and various other standards like GOST, BS, JIS etc. are at our customer's disposal. The customized RODIKS, software from BoP 1, supports the material take-off for each pipeline. The registered data can be used for the creation of various lists of piping, coating, insulating or orders. Moreover, each type of search list can be created.

RODIKS can be used for handling piping material orders and controlling material transport to the site. On site, the software can be used for warehousing, material release, monitoring installation progress and for installation clearing.


Fig.1- Cooling water pump  |  Fig.2- Sandfilter system

​Reference Story

Ecologically compatible and cost-effective water management for THYASA Mini Mill

Talleres y Aceros Orizaba, Mexico

Type of Plant:
Water treatment plant for a Mini Mill (Electro Arc Furnace QUANTUM, ladle furnace, vacuum plant and continuous casting machine - output 1.200.000 tons of billets)

Our solution:
Wise Water Treatment solution with an cascade cooling water management, high reuse rate of the cooling water and low blow-down water discharge
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